Bottle to box in 3 days…

Sep 12, 2018

When we talk about producing fresh chocolate in the Noble and Stace Chocolate Kitchen, we really mean fresh. Take our recent small batch of truffles made with award winning Sussex Sparkling Wine from the Bluebell Vineyard over in East Sussex.

Sparkling Wine Truffles

We started our working week by doing something you’re more likely to do on a Friday night… cracking open a bottle of bubbly! This bubbly though all went into making a batch of our Sussex Sparkling Wine Truffles. We take rich milk chocolate, fresh cream and our carefully selected bubbles and blend them into a silky smooth ganache. We then pipe this into a shell and leave it to set overnight.

Day 2

We then temper chocolate and dip our set truffles, by hand, one by one – not a quick job! With all the dipping done, each truffle is then decorated, again, one by one and left overnight to set.

 The final stage

Two days after opening the wine, the finished truffles are carefully packed, wrapped and labelled before heading off to their new homes. In this case they headed back to the Vineyard and to our most local, award winning Farmshop. So that’s what we mean when we say Fresh chocolate. From bottle to box and back on the shelf in just 3 days!

Sussex Sparking Wine Truffles

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