Lockdown and Rainbows…

May 13, 2020

To help get you (and us!) through Lockdown, we decided it was time for some fun in the Chocolate Kitchen! Ok, the Chocolate Kitchen is usually fun, but this was different! After some happy hours of experimentation, 2 new Limited Edition Tablettes were born – The Lockdown Tablette and The Rainbow Tablette! 

Lockdown is pretty much a solid bar of milk or dark chocolate, with pretty much every kind of chocolate and other sweet toppings that we had generously scattered on the top! Big chunks of milk and dark, big white buttons, fudge, nuts, crunchy mini chocolate balls and caramel flavoured chips! 

Rainbow is dedicated to our amazing NHS, with 50% of each Tablette being donated to NHS Charities – that’s 50% of the cost, not the actual chocolate! Milk or Dark base, with coloured chocolate buttons, mixed chocolate buttons, sour fruits, squidgy fruits and crunchy chocolate balls! 

Lockdown or Rainbow Tablettes

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