Freshly roasted coffee is king

Jul 13, 2018

As a small business there are many days when things happen that I know I will remember for a long time. Sometimes good, sometimes less so. But the day that Edgcumbes called me to ask if they stock my chocolate will always be one of those very memorable moments!

Freshly roasted in West Sussex

Edgcumbes are a family business based near Arundel and have been expertly roasting coffee and blending teas for over 30 years. So after getting over the surprise of being approached to sell our chocolate in their on-site cafe we starting thinking. We both have products that on their own make a lot of people very happy. So what would happen if we combined the two? To cut a long story short, that’s exactly what we did. A few test batches later and we had what we both think is the perfect espresso truffle. Combining Edgcumbes powerful ‘Dark Side of the Edge’ roast with white chocolate, fresh cream & butter, before dipping in dark chocolate.

And then came the Tablette

After a truffle high we headed straight back to the test kitchen in search of a more simple, rugged chocolate and coffee hit. There were a lot of beans at Choc HQ for the next few weeks until we pinned it down to Edgcumbes Brazilian roast for phase 2. This time a solid, smooth chocolate Tablette generous scattered with whole roasted beans. A bunch of beans in every bite. Simple but extremely effective!

Edgcumbes Espresso Truffles or Brazilian Bean Tablette

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